Timeless design out of love for you

The ETIC story began from a simple philosophy : the modern consumer doesn’t have to be obliged to choose between fashion and sustainability , following the mass-market proposals. We set out to be the ones who create balance between aesthetics , comfort and respect for nature , maintaining friendly prices for any budget.

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Therefore, in 2001 we launched the 100% romanian ETIC brand, a fresh idea for the local market when it comes to ways of approaching and values. We now take pride in having 9 stores, of which 7 in Bucharest , one in Constanta and also Craiova , long-term plans including the opening up of a shop in every city.

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A conscious Romanian brand

Our vision about fashion is not limited to passenger trends. In all our collections , either we speak about classical pieces , office outfits or for parties, we approach a timeless style , perfectly completed by the quality of the materials and paying increased attention to every detail and stitch.

Our goal is to offer our customers items that will pass the test of time, in which they can feel and look like their best version of themselves , without compromising the concern for the well being of the planet.

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