Return Policy

Terms & Conditions of the return policy


1.The provider wishes that the marketed products would fully satisfy the quality demands of the customer. In the following cases described down bellow, the customer has the prerogative of returning the received products as follow:

1.1 Withdrawal from the contract within 30 days

1.1.1  According to the OUG no. 34/2014 stipulations on consumer rights in the case of  concluded contracts with professionals, the Client has the right to withdraw from the  present contract, without specifying the reasons, within 30 calendaristic days. We are sure of the guaranteed satisfaction of the ETIC products, reason for which the Supplier grants the Client a 30 day return period and not only 14 days , this being the term imposed by the current legislation.

1.1.2 The withdrawal period ends after the determined 30 days , starting the day in which the Client or a third party , other than the deliverer , indicated by the Client , physically receives the products. In the case in which thru one single order placement, the Client orders more than one product that are delivered at different dates, the 30 days period will be calculated from the date at which the Client or a third party indicated by the Client, other than the deliverer , receives the last product physically.

1.1.3 In order to exercise the withdrawal right, the Client must inform the Supplier about his withdrawal decision from the contract, by using an absolute statement , thru the filling of the withdrawal form , sent via postal service or via email, that must contain at least the following informations: Client name and surname, address, phone /fax number and/or email address, bill number, products pick up date, the return reason. For this to happen, the Client can use the return form example which can be downloaded from here; his usage is not mandatory, the Client having the right to choose another form of notification , with the condition that it will contain the minimum of information solicited in the present article.

1.1.4 Following the withdrawal, the Supplier will refund any amount received from the Client, including delivery fee, with no unjustified delays and, in any case, not later than 10 days  starting the date at which the first party is informed about the Client decision of withdrawal from the present contract. The refund will be postponed until the moment when the Supplier will receive the returned products or until the moment the Client provides proof of returning the products, the closest date being validated.

1.1.5 The refund will occur using the same payment method as the one used for the initial transaction , except the case in which the Client gave his explicit agreement for another refund method; in any other case, there will be no charges in the case of such refund process.

1.1.6 The pending returned products must be shipped to the Supplier thru any shipping company at ETIC headquarters , Timisoara bulevard, no 80, Radox building, 3rd floor, Bucharest, sector 6, without unjustified delays and in any other case, in maximum 14 days starting the date in which the Client brought to attention the refund inclination. The Supplier does not accept refunds made through the Romanian Postal Office. The term will be honored if the products are returned before the end of the 30 days period. The direct fee of product returning will be supported entirely by the Client.The return fee that is charged by the shipping company may vary depending on the city from where the package will be picked up.

1.1.7 The Client is responsible only for the diminish of the product value due to the handling process , other than the ones that are mandatory for determining the nature, quality and functioning of the products.

1.1.8 The returned products must fulfill all together  the following conditions: the product has to be in perfect shape, the same as when delivered, with the original ETIC label attached to the product in the initial state in which they were received, it must not be worn or altered, it has to be in the original package,  in perfect condition together with all the accessories and the original acquisition proof ( including the bill) ; in the case in which the mentioned condition are not fulfilled , the return will not be accepted.  If the product presents signs of usage , the product value will be decreased by 100%. It is not permitted to return products that were modified. The package must also contain the return Form filled up with all the necessary information.

1.1.9 If the Client benefited from free shipping placing an order over 200 Ron and after the return of some products from the order , the value of the Client order dropped under 200 Ron,  it will be deducted from the refunded sum the initial delivery fee of 15 ron ( meaning the initial shipping fee paid by the Supplier to the shipping company). The Client will understand that waving the shipping fee from the initial order depends on the shipping of the products with a value that exceeds this amount.

1.2 Package presents serious alteration;

1.3 Products that were delivered/billed incorrect ( size/colour/ etc)

1.4 Products that are defective since fabrication.


2. For the situations described in art . – , the products that does not fulfil the website specifications when being shipped, can be returned without the Client being charged extra fees, with the requirement of sending a written notification in which the Client will specify the nature of the lack of compliance. The Client may ask for the refund of the product value or his replacement with a proper one , if Caractero Stil has this possibility.


3.For the situations described in art. 7.1.2-7.1.4, the Client must follow the procedure stated in art. –, in ways in which these are compatible. The products that are to be returned must be shipped to the Supplier through any shipping company at ETIC headquarters at Timisoara boulevard no.80 , Radox building, 3rd floor. Bucharest, sector 6, without any unjustified delays and in any other case in 14 days starting the day the Client filed the form for the withdraw.The Client will be charged the return  and resend fee of the products to him.


4. The Client can not return the purchased products and/or will not claim any other compensation/interest in the following cases:

4.1 If the case of replacing a purchased product with another that has other specifications or different type.

4.2 If the return application for any of the situations present in art has the expiration date of the return form exceeding the 30 calendaristic days time frame calculated regarding the previously mentioned art.

4.3 In the case of returning a product outlined in one of the situations stated in art. , and the returned product is not found in the same condition as when delivered ( in original package with intact labels and documents that came with it)

4.4 According to O.U.G 34/2014( art.16 lit. d and e), the Supplier reserves the right of not accepting the return of products that , through their nature may get quickly deteriorated/damaged like underwear, swimsuits and/or beauty products. The Client will be informed on each product page if it is not allowed for it to be returned.


5. In the case of replacing one product with another having the new ordered size, the replacement will be made following the limits and conditions of a normal order.


6. In the case in which the Client returned a product according to art. – for it to be replaced and the Supplier does not have a suitable product for the replacement, the Supplier will refund the Client the equivalent of the product.